Open Farm Day

Open Farm Day is an annual event about tightening the connection between farmers and consumers. Farmers across the province invite Nova Scotians to visit and see first-hand where our food comes from. Hannah, my mom and I went to Dempsey Corner Orchards in Aylesford (the idea is to make stops at several different farms, but with Hannah in tow it made sense to stay in one place). There were apples, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, sunflowers, corn, peaches, pears, plums - even a sandbox! The animals were mostly free to wander around the farm. We saw goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, sheep, dogs and a calf. And the weather? It was perfect.

I'm looking forward to visiting more than one farm next year, and even more as Hannah gets older. It's funny the things we take for granted, like that someone grows and picks our apples, or that blueberries grow on bushes. Living in the city, these are things that we'll have to teach Hannah, and it's a good reminder for us adults, too. Here are some photos from our day.
Happy Monday! xo
{more apples, please}

{visiting the pigs}

{happy sunflowers}

{debating which apple to try first}

{fresh from the tree is best}

{blueberry picking}

{berry picking with Grammie}

{cookie break}

{someone needs a sand box next year}

{freshly-picked apples}

{having a great time in the orchard}

{my favourite picture of the day}


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