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My family loves tea, and we have all said that we think tea tastes better when served in a formal bone china tea cup. Although I do have a set of formal tea cups that match - I think that there is something delightful about having mismatched tea cups for a tea party. Some of you even said that you too look for tea cups when you go thrifting when you were letting me know what YOU thrift for. My goal is to build up my collection and one day host a tea party for some lady friends. So whenever I'm at Value Village I check to see if I can find a teacup that has a nice pattern, handle, and is bone china...

I found the little teacup above for $5.99 and added it to my basket. The handle was a nice size (so your finger fit through it comfortably) and it was bone china. So keep your eyes open for the sweet little teacups when you visit the thrift store the next time. Here are some tea sets that have caught my eye over on Etsy.... Granted, they are typically more expensive on Etsy than if you should go into a thrift store and score one yourself, but there is a pro to being able to lie in your pajamas in bed, and sift through great photos and let someone else do the dirty work. ;)

Ps., Are you someone who calls it "High Tea" or "Afternoon Tea"? This is a little pet peeve of mine. I often see magazines promote "High Tea" which actually isn't a nod to a "fancy" tea - it actually means supper. ;)


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