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As I wrote last week, I did some shopping trips to Value Village (contest winner to be announced shortly!) and wanted to show you my finds. But I wanted to show you why I picked certain items. Today is my blue and white finds. See, I have a love affair for blue and white potteryHere are some pictures I've saved on Pinterest have fueled my love affair. Sadly, I don't come across blue & white pottery often while thrifting. But when I do, I snatch it up. When I was hunting Value Village I came across these blue & white candlestick holders and four plates..
I can't tell whether these candlesticks awesome of if they are weird. Weird? I often debate putting things back as I wander the aisles- but really, the prices at the store are always so reasonable that it's worth it to just get it and get it home to see how it looks. I'm thinking on their own they may be strange but paired with other blue & white pottery on a table, they may be beautiful. And the plates - Although they are too busy for my own daily meals, I thought for a dinner party of four, I'd take some inspiration from my pinterest board and set a table around these plates. 

On Etsy, I've been collecting blue & white pottery and table settings in my favourites for awhile. The ginger jars are always selling quickly but they are relatively expensive so I rarely bit fast enough to get one for myself. One day I'd love to host a party and set the table with blue and white plates like above.

So a little find, but worthy enough to pick up and add to my collection. :)


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