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Blue Necklace/ Amethest Necklace 

I've been eyeing a necklace for a number of months and a few weeks ago splurged on getting it. (Actually two because I couldn't decide which I loved more.) I love blues, greens and purples in my home and the same is for my jewelry - rarely do I gravitate to the reds or oranges. As fate would have it, my purchase arrived on our wedding anniversary last week and I chose to wear the blue one out for our lovely dinner. (I paired it with this dress that I picked up online at Old Navy and these shoes from Payless that are ridiculously comfortable) The necklace got so many compliments. Aubrey commented that he liked it as it was a change from the bigger jewelry that I tend to gravitate towards when going out. Anyhow, I'm really a sucker for great jewelry as I really think it changes an outfit so easily. Kind of like pillows changing a rooms vibe. Funny, I just realized I dress as I decorate my house! Ha. ;)

Ps., Although I love the purple, I find that the blue stands out the most against my skin tone.

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