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Do you love to thrift? I do. But you likely know that from reading my blog. Our home is a pretty good mix of DIY, thrift store gems, and splurges when we can afford to do so. Back in the Spring, The Value Village sent me a gift certificate to go thrifting in my local Value Village location. (My kind of shopping spree) And it wasn't until just recently I finally got an opportunity to go and do a serious walk through of my local store. Within 15 minutes of walking in had my basket filled (and I mean filled) with finds.

The gift of the shopping spree came at a good time (one because we have no money after that bathroom reno) but also because two, lately I'm really being inspired by Eddie Ross. To give you an example of how he can pick - take a look at a collection he did for One King's Lane - it's a great example of how he can pick great items that add personality to a room.  Although I've been an admirer of his for awhile I've lately been following his instagram feed and love seeing what he finds and how he uses pieces in a room. So inspired by him, and itching to get my shop on - I headed to my local Value Village to find some awesome pieces and I think I was pretty successful. But I'm not going to show them to you....yet.

You see, I want to show you what I found but also give you background as to *why* I picked them. So next week I'm going to post all of my finds, and show you why I picked items that I did.

But here is the twist. I find I get the best value for my dollar by going into a Value Village to find items. But I also shop Etsy for vintage - so I'm going to combine my love of Eddie Ross + my love of thrifting in Value Village with with showing you similar finds that you can find on Etsy. I know lots of people that shop Value Village and turn around and sell it on Etsy so I think the combo will be pretty cool. So next week will be a Thirft Store + Etsy week.

But before I post about my finds - which I've decided to break up into a few posts because I want to show you *why* I picked things, I thought I'd start with the best part and do a giveaway.

The Value Village has generously given a reader a $50.00 gift certificate to win on my blog. Do you know how far $50.00 will go in a Value Village? You are going to have SO MUCH FUN.

How to Enter: Comment below and let me know what you would love to find while thrifting. I'll show you what I personally picked up next week, so join in and tell me what you hunt for. Furniture? Tea Cups? Pottery?

Contest closes Friday, September 13th. Winner will be posted here. Please use a valid e-mail in your comment so I can also reach you. Thanks!

Ps., Next week I'll show you what I picked any why. 


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